Website Developer Notes

SEE: /customizr-child/style.css  for styles customized to the LI-DOG site.
SEE: /customizr-child/functions.php, and the other .php files listed in this directory  for formats customized to the LI-DOG site.

NOTE: After making changes in style.css flush the server cache to allow changes to be seen immediately.

The javascript for the iContact form in the Join LI-DOG page has been enqueued; see: …/customizr-child/functions.php and …/customizr-child/ejm_icontact_form.js. and is called using the PHP Snippets plugin to call the script. See: …/wp-content/plugins/php-snippets/snippets.


NOTE: Several times some of the styles in …/customizr-child styles.css have not been followed . I have found that it is due to corruption of the style sheet header which leads to a “missing template” message in the /Appearance/Themes window. Using Filezilla, edit the site’s customizr-child/style.css header. The correct header is:
Theme Name: Customizr-Child
Theme URI:
Description: Child theme for the Customizr theme
Author: E.J. McMullin
Author URI:
Template: customizr
Version: 0.1.0


***********************Slider Carousel Properties ***************************************

Customizr Slider Carousel optium image size: width 1170px and height 500px

The pictures should be medium distance, not closeups.  Using Photoshop Elements crop the image to about 2500 wide px x 800 px height.  Save the result “Save for Web”, upload the file to the sites Media Library and set it for the appropriate slider..

*********************** Random Image ******************************************


If random images are used the code found in /home/lidogexp/public_html/wp-content/snippets/random_image.snippet.php will generate them. This code is sent to the server by the php-snippets plugin.

The image will be placed wherever the shortcode [random image] appears

Note: The picture files are uploaded to the /wp-content/random directory using FileZilla or similar ftp.
Presently the php code is called using the PHP Snippets plugin (see …/wp-content/plugins/php-snippets/snippets/random_image_snippet.php).


*********************User Capabilities *******************************************************

I have added code to …/customizr-child/functions.php to change various user capabilities


Added remove-password-reset.php to ../wp-content/plugins. This simple plugin prevents any user, except administrators from changing their password. I feel this upgrades the site security


*****************Radio Buttons ***************************************************************

Buttons are produced using the Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin.


News and Events headlines posts a shortcode  

(see: functions.php), sometimes with blank lines above and/or below, this shortcode inserts php code to make the headline align with the top of the picture.

The max number of  headlines (Events, Latest News, LI-Dog in the News) on a page is 10, this can be changed (see the various template.php files) but more than 10 would make scrolling a chore on smartphones.  Write an 11th  headline without changing the oldest headline category to its respective Archive and the website’s page(Events, Latest News, LI-Dog in the News) will show only the 10 most recent headlines, but the listing of  Headline posts will show 11 so make sure to change the category of any excess headline posts.