Supervisor Joseph Saladino

.11/05/2018 – Oyster Bay Vows No Plans to Close Massapequa Dog Park


Two Dogs with Frisbee

Oyster Bay Vows Won’t Close Massapequa Dog Park
Announces Plans for New Dog Park in Bayville

The Town of Oyster Bay will not move the dog park located on Clocks Blvd. in Massapequa, according to Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino. While the Town considered moving the dog park to a strip located on the eastern edge of the site, given the controversy that arose over the Town’s plans, moving the dog park is now “off the table,” according to the Supervisor. For details on the Massapequa Dog Park situation and plans for a new dog park in Bayville, go to Oyster Bay Vows Won’t Close Massapequa Dog Park.