LI-DOG Beach Petition

.03/03/2021 – Over 2,500 People Sign LI-DOG Beach Petition PR

No Dogs Allowed Sign

Over 2,500 People Sign LI-DOG’s Petition to Lift the Dog Ban on NY’s Long Island Beaches!

Just a few weeks after launch, LI-DOG’s petition to lift the ban on dogs on New York State’s Long Island beaches has already generated more than 2,500 signatures. The petition got more than 1,000 signatures over its first weekend and then doubled that to over 2,000 signatures within 10 days of its Jan. 29th launch! The petition is the result of years of complaints from Long Island dog owners about a lack of access to Long Island’s primary recreational resource. To see the press release announcing the petition’s momentum, go to Over 2,500 People Sign LI-DOG Petition!