Access to Parks is a Basic Right

.12/29/2020 – LI-DOG President’s 2020 Report

LI-DOG President’s 2020 Report: Access to Public Parks and Beaches is a Basic Right and Need–Whether You Have a Dog or Not

The year 2020 has been a terrible year for many people, but there were positives as well, especially for dogs. More dogs found new homes, dog owners spent more time with their dogs, and dogs–and their people–got out more. 2020 also saw the realization of one of LI-DOG’s long-time goals–access to Huntington’s pretty Heckscher Park. This pandemic year when people sought refuge in outdoor parks drove home the lesson that access to public parks and beaches is a basic right and need. To read a slightly edited version of the president’s assessment of 2020, go to the LI-DOG President’s 2020 Report.