Phragmites/Twin Ponds North Park

Route 25A/Ft. Salonga Rd., Centerport
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This 19-acre park was created primarily from dredge spoil from Northport Harbor, which accounts for the sandy trails that traverse the park, notes the Huntington Trails Guide. The on-leash dog walking trail, which was designated in July 2015, upon the recommendation of the Huntington Trails Committee on which LI-DOG serves, is a loop trail of about six-tenths of a mile. The terrain is flat, the trail is easy to follow, and there are plenty of trees that provide shade during the summer. Upon the request of the Huntington Dept. of Maritime Services, the dog walking trail does not provide direct access to the water.

More info and trail map:Town of Huntington On-Leash Dog Walking Trails

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