Edgewood Oak Brush Plains Preserve

Commack Rd., Deer Park
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This 843-acre preserve sits on the grounds of what used to be known as Pilgrim State Hospital. While the building was demolished, the land was preserved for public enjoyment. There are multiple trails throughout the property—it’s easy to get lost!–but the main trail is a blue-blazed route that skirts the edge of the preserve. There is a large field near the beginning of the trail where you can often see people flying model airplanes. Watch out for trails that are marked with a white disc as these are designated for mountain bike riders. Thanks to Paul Kearney of Pawsome Dog Training for his input on this entry.

More info: The NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation manages the preserve and requires that individuals get a free permit to use the land. For more information, check out NYS DEC State Land Access Permit or call 631-444-0279.

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