Avalon Park and Preserve

200 Harbor Rd., Stony Brook, NY
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The Park and Preserve is a 140 acre tract of fields and forests owned and maintained by the Paul Simons Foundation (More info: Go to Avalon Park and Preserve) and is dedicated to preserving native plant communities. There are many walking trails ( see park map ) and dogs, on leash, are welcomed. The park is carry-in, carry-out, which means you must pick up and properly dispose of dog waste off the property; there are no trash cans. Note that the Preserve may be extremely buggy in the spring and summer and bug spray is a must, also be aware of the abundant poison ivy. The best way to access to Avalon is from Harbor Rd in Stony Brook ( taking Shep Jones Ln from Rt 25A will result in driving a very poorly maintained dirt road). Parking is available along Main Street, on Harbor Road, and in the village shopping center just past the park on Main Street; there are also several small parking lots on Shep Jones Ln after turning off of Harbor Ln. Portions of the park are subject to closure due to construction.

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