On-Leash Dog Walking Now Allowed at Massapequa Preserve

Pilot Program is First Step to More Access to Nassau County Parks!

Massapequa Preserve Fire Rd. Trail

Photo Credit: Joann Garguola

After a commitment in Oct. 2013 by Nassau County to open up more places for residents to walk their dogs and several meetings between members of LI-DOG and county representatives, portions of the Massapequa Preserve in North Massapequa were officially opened to dog walkers early in 2015 for an unspecified trial period.

Specifically, the ‘fire road” off Walker St. (by Lakeshore Drive, off Linden St/Exit 31 of the Southern State Parkway) is now open to dog owners and their dogs on leash. (See the Google Map.)  This is a wide dirt path with woods on either side and is a wonderful place for a nice walk with your four legged friends. The Walker Street entrance has a big dirt lot for parking. There are also several poop bag dispensers with attached trash cans along the trail.

Please note: the bike path in that area is off limits to dog walkers due to the large number of bikers, roller bladers, skate boarders and joggers.  The County is also concerned about off-leash dogs and people who don’t pick up after their dogs. The County is treating this as a trial project in anticipation of opening other areas of parkland for dog walking, if this is successful. Since places to legally walk your dogs in Nassau County are so rare, PLEASE respect the rules so we can get more places to take our canine buddies!

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