New Suffolk Parks Fees

The Suffolk County Parks Dept. will begin charging fees for access to park facilities as well as parking this Memorial Day weekend. The fees for access to the parks such as Blydenburgh, West Hills and other Suffolk County parks generally apply from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend.If you are a Suffolk County resident and plan on going to Blydenburgh and/or West Hills frequently during regular daylight hours on the weekends your best bet is to purchase a Suffolk County Green Key which costs $24 (good for three years) and a “Resident Limited Use” parking pass which costs $30.00. If you want a pass that will also cover Smith Point and Cupsogue the parking pass is $55.00. Seasonal parking passes are not available to non-residents and a Green key costs $40 and is good for only one year.For a complete fee schedule, go to the Suffolk Parks Dept. website at: always, keep in touch by e-mailing us at

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