Nesconset Dog Park Now Open

By Pamela Schmidlin

Nesconset Dog Park

Comfortable, safe and well designed dog park

In the fall of 2013, another dog park opened here on Long Island. And I can proudly say it’s a TOWN of Smithtown dog park. There are a lot of new and exciting things to do In the Town of Smithtown, behind the Nesconset Library—things like a kiddie park—full of swings, slides, and in warmer weather-a water park!! Then of course, we have soccer fields encompassed by a walking path. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the paved walkway. Instead the Town has made a dog walking trail with a boundary just a few feet outside the paved walkway. Be aware that the dog trail is not exactly even—there are a few small hills on the path and a few roots to look out for. Of course, as is common throughout Long Island, there also is poison ivy along the side of the clearer paths. The dog trail is just under half a mile and leads into the dog park. Please remember: You have to keep your dogs on leash on the trail.

The dog park is a good-sized, fenced area where you can have your dogs off leash. There is an area for small dogs as well as one for larger dogs. The park, in my opinion, is modeled after Suffolk County’s Blydenburgh Dog Park. Amenities include a water fountain with proper drainage, as well as an automatic shutoff spigot; earth-friendly doggie bags to clean up after your dog(s), and a garbage pail for proper disposal! There are two entrances/exits to each of the small dog and large dog areas. There also are benches inside the dog park for people to sit and watch their dogs. The groundcover is woodchips. The park is in the shade and on the side of the wooded area. Right outside the dog park, there is a picnic table area along with BBQ’s.

The dogs that I have come across at the dog park are friendly, happy, and full of happy barks! The people at the dog park seem to watch over their dogs properly and if their dogs get a little jumpy, they tend to be considerate enough to take action right away. From what I have seen, there really have been no problems.

Have fun at the new dog park!

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