LI-DOG President Steps Down from Coindre Hall Advisory Board

LI-DOG President Ginny Munger Kahn has ended her service on the Coindre Hall Advisory Board. The Board was created last year to provide recommendations to the Suffolk County Legislature for revitalizing Coindre Hall, a 30-acre Suffolk County Park and former Gold Coast estate that faces onto Huntington Harbor.

Ginny said she was glad to serve on the Board, given the important role the park has played in the lives of many Suffolk County and Huntington dog owners as well as the need to make sure the interests of dog owners at the park were represented on the Board.

However, given the results of the recent elections in which a new legislator for the 18th District will take office in January, Ginny resigned in order to provide the incoming legislator with the opportunity to appoint her own representatives.

At the same time, Ginny noted that based on comments made by the public at recent meetings and in communications to her and others, it is clear that people are looking for Board members who are closely tied to the neighboring community. While Ginny remains a Huntington resident, she moved from the neighborhood a while ago and now frequents other Suffolk County parks with her dogs. She noted in her letter of resignation that she is confident dog owners at Coindre Hall will find another good representative for the Board.

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