Legislation to Allow Dogs in ALL NYS Parks Including Beaches On Hold

Photo Credit: Joann Garguola

Legislation to Allow Dogs in ALL NYS Parks Including Beaches on Hold

Legislation Remains Top Priority for Bills’ Sponsors

Please Continue to Share the Petition to Lift the Ban on Dogs on NYS Beaches on Long Island!

Unfortunately, the legislation introduced by NYS Senator Monica Martinez and Assemblyman Steve Stern allowing dogs in all New York State parks including beaches (with restrictions) did not succeed in the Legislative term that ended in June. Early on, we had been cautioned that it is not unusual for a new piece of legislation to be deferred to the next session of the Legislature.

We understand there was much discussion and concern regarding the bills in their respective Parks Committees and therefore, the bills were amended to address those concerns. For example, dogs are not allowed specifically on beaches where people swim and sunbathe. The overall intent of the legislation, however, remains clear: Dogs will be allowed in all NYS Parks.

While we are disappointed the legislation did not move further, we have been assured that passing this legislation continues to be a high priority for both Sen. Martinez and Assemb. Stern.

We want to thank everyone who emailed and called their NYS elected officials and members of the Parks Committees in support of the legislation, and we thank you in advance for your continued support as we push forward.

We also want to thank the almost 7,000 New Yorkers who have already signed our petition. The people who have signed come from all over New York State from Rochester to Riverhead! Please continue to share the petition to Lift the Ban on Dogs on NYS’s LI Beaches with all your dog-loving NY friends and family (if they have not already signed), so that we have thousands more signatures by the end of the year!

Many of LI-DOG’s most successful campaigns have taken two, three or even more years to complete. We are confident with the leadership and support of elected officials like Sen. Martinez and Assemb. Stern and with YOUR continued support and help, we will lift the ban on dogs on New York State beaches on Long Island for good!

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