Hempstead Candidates for Supervisor Endorse More Access to Hempstead Town Parks

Statements Support Either Dog Parks or On-Leash Dog Walking in Parks

On Oct. 13, 2015, LI-DOG asked the two major candidates for Hempstead Town Supervisor—Anthony Santino and Rita Kestenbaum–for a statement on their position regarding access to Town parks. Right now, dog owners and their dogs are denied access to ALL 1,400 acres of Hempstead public parkland. This is not acceptable. Walking your dog on-leash in a public park is a common activity in parks around the country, and communities all over Long Island have created dog parks so dog owners can exercise and socialize their dogs in secure off-leash areas.

We are happy to report that both candidates responded positively to our request. Not only did they give us statements, but they endorse more access to Town of Hempstead parks—either on-leash access to the parks or dedicated dog parks! The candidates emphasize different dog-related initiatives, so make sure to read both statements thoroughly. Then, on Tues., Nov. 3rd, make sure to vote for Hempstead Town Supervisor! You can help make Hempstead a more dog-friendly town!

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Thank you for e-mailing me concerning Hempstead Town parks and canines’ access to these government facilities, whether they are parks, beaches or town open space. It was good to hear from you. I always appreciate it when neighbors take the time to share their thoughts and concerns; it allows me to better represent our communities on the Hempstead Town board.

I support dog parks and will work to establish them in Town of Hempstead facilities if elected Supervisor.

I am a longtime animal and dog advocate and look forward to partnering with dog owners in the future to review proposals to make this a reality throughout Hempstead Town.

For more info, check out Santino for Supervisor on the web.

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As supervisor for the Town of Hempstead, I would support permitting responsible dog owners to walk their dogs on-leash in town parks. The laws constructed by previous administrations forbidding dogs in Town Parks are obsolete, and unfair to dog owners. There should be more places for dog owners to exercise their pets besides streets and the scarce number of parks outside the Town’s control. Residents of the town pay hefty taxes for their gorgeous parks, and it is only fair dog owners enjoy them with their canine companions as well.

I would be thrilled to work with the Town Board, and any other official who has influence over this process to change the Town’s policy banning dogs from Town controlled parks. For those who may feel uncomfortable around dogs, there will be paths and trails designated for pedestrians only. And to help keep Town of Hempstead parks pristine, there will be dog-waste bag dispensers placed strategically throughout the parks.

I have gone to Town budget meetings to not only call out discrepancies in the Animal Shelter budget line, but to also demand these animals receive the proper treatment and care so that one day they can be placed in a loving home. This illustrates my dedication to animal-related issues, and being a pet owner myself, I would love nothing more than to enjoy our scenic parks with my dogs as well.

For more information, check out Rita Kestenbaum for Hempstead Town Supervisor on the web.

Thank you to both candidates for taking time from their busy campaign schedules to let everyone know how they stand on this issue that affects tens of thousands of Hempstead Town residents!

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