The Long Island Dog Owners Group has learned that a contract to build a dog run in the woods at the foot of the Coindre Hall property is scheduled to be presented to the Huntington Town Board on Tues., March 7th. It is critical that dog owners contact Town Supervisor Frank Petrone and the four members of the Town Board to tell them building that dog run would be a big mistake and a waste of taxpayer money. Click here to read LI-DOG’s letter to the Town Board.    The key reasons we are asking the Town not to proceed with that run are:The proposed run is far too small for the number of dog owners who use Coindre Hall nowIt is located in an isolated, overgrown area of the park, which raises significant security concernsThere is inadequate parking for the large number of dog owners who use Coindre Hall now let alone during the summer when town residents also use Gold Star Battalion BeachNeighborhood groups oppose the site. They want any run to be located away from Browns Rd.Suffolk Parks Commissioner Ron Foley viewed the site on May 7, 2005, and told LI-DOG members the site was not appropriate.By contrast, siting a dog run closer to the mansion where there is more activity would enhance the security situation. Dog owners already provide informal security by being in the park every day and we would continue to fill that role if off-leash activities were allowed to continue where they now take place.    The contract between Suffolk County and the town is the result of legislation passed in 2003 that required off-leash activities at Coindre Hall to be located in a fenced run in the woods at the foot of the property.    Members of the Long Island Dog Owners Group and neighborhood associations are working through Leg. Jon Cooper’s Citizens Advisory Committee on Coindre Hall to come up with a better solution that meets our needs as well as those of other park users. While we still have work to do, we are making good progress on agreeing to alternative locations and arrangements for off-leash activities at Coindre Hall. Once we reach an agreement, Leg. Cooper has assured us that he will do whatever is necessary to get county approval for our revised proposal.    Proceeding now to construct a run that all parties agree has zero possibility for success would be a tremendous waste of time and money. It is extremely important that dog owners contact Huntington Town Supervisor Frank Petrone and the four members of the Town Board and ask them to stop the process of building the run and allow us to gain County approval for an alternative off-leash solution supported by everyone.    By agreeing to construct and maintain a dog run at Coindre Hall, the Town of Huntington has shown it supports dog owners. We just need to let them know this is not the right solution for off-leash activities at Coindre Hall.    When you call or e-mail, feel free to reiterate the key points mentioned above. Remember, be polite. Frank Petrone, Town Supervisor, phone 351-3030, E-mail fpetrone@town.huntington.ny.usSusan Berland, Councilwoman, 351-3173, E-mail (call before e-mailing as we’ve had trouble with this address)Stuart Besen, Councilman, 351-3172, E-mail sbesen@town.huntington.ny.usMark Cuthbertson, councilman, 351-3172, E-mail mcuthbertson@town.huntington.ny.usGlenda Jackson, councilwoman, 351-3173, E-mail    As always, keep in touch by e-mailing us at

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