On March 19th, the Council on Environmental Quality approved a dog park at Coindre Hall, as proposed by Legislator Jon Cooper! The decision, by a strong 6-3 majority, represents the first of three key steps needed to create a dog park at Coindre Hall.

The dog park, which was described by Leg. Cooper at H-DOG’s Feb. 6th meeting, would cover 1-1/2 acres near the foot of the Coindre Hall property. (For the article on our Feb. 6th meeting, click here.)

The CEQ’s decision came after an intense discussion that featured our arch opponent Legislator Ginny Fields (D-Oakdale) making a last ditch attempt to bury the dog park under a full-scale environmental review. Fortunately, cooler heads led by Legislator Cooper and CEQ member Lance Mallamo prevailed!

If you want to find out more about the decision and what you can do to make the dog park at Coindre Hall a reality, come to our next H-DOG meeting on Thursday, April 3rd at the Huntington Town Library! We’ll have the inside scoop on the CEQ decision and we’ll be mapping out our strategy for getting our dog park passed by the Suffolk County Legislature.

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