In other news from our April meeting, Dan Gerrish presented the blue prints for the two dog runs at the Huntington Town Animal Shelter on the Long Island Power Authority’s property. The runs look great!

The dog run for the shelter dogs, which is our priority, will be 175 feet by 65 feet. The run for the general dog population will be 275 feet by 65 to 85 feet. Both runs will have covered shelters and will be separated by 135 feet of open space (thanks to dog trainer Toni Kay-Wolff for her critical input on the need for separation between the two runs!). Initially, the ground cover will be grass. There also will be a 70-ft. by 65-ft. parking lot for the general community.

Plans are to have the shelter run open by June 1st.

Thank you, Dan, for all your hard work on this!

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