Opening Long Island’s New York State Parks to People with Dogs Tops LI-DOG’s 2024 Agenda!

With the New York Legislature back in session, LI-DOG is relaunching its campaign to get legislation passed that will allow dogs in all New York State parks. Right now, people with dogs are denied access to more than 14,000 acres of New York State public parks on Long Island, including all beaches. This is unacceptable. Dog owners pay taxes that support this public parkland and they have a right to enjoy it.

The sponsors of the legislation–Monica Martinez in the NYS Senate and Steven Stern in the Assembly–have reiterated their commitment to getting this legislation passed this year. Please let Sen. Martinez and Assemb. Stern know how much you appreciate their support for access to public parks by dog owners and their pups. It is extremely important that they hear from you!

Time is of the essence. The NYS Legislature is only in session until early June. We need to build support for the two bills that will make this happen–S.4993B in the Senate and A.6244 in the Assembly.

Our efforts now are focused on:

  • Getting letters/emails of support for the legislation from animal welfare and business organizations. Check out the terrific letter of support submitted by the American Kennel Club on behalf of their clubs here. As the AKC writes:

“Increasingly, pet owners are seeking opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities—and the health benefits that come from them—with their four-footed family members. Allowing dog owners to enjoy state parks with their dogs will promote responsible pet ownership while expanding opportunities for exercise and recreation.”

  • WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you have connections to business organizations such as local Chambers of Commerce, real estate firms, veterinary hospitals, or other local businesses or if you have connections with animal welfare organizations such as local rescue groups, email us ASAP at We can help make the case for a letter.
  • We’re also looking to pick up co-sponsors for the legislation. Sen. Martinez’s bill now has two co-sponsors—NYS Senator Toby Ann Stavinsky from Queens County and Sen. Dean Murray from the Bayport/Yaphank area. Please thank Senators Stavinsky and Murray for their critical support for this legislation. It’ll only take a minute to call or email your thanks!
  • We’re putting together lists of other elected officials that can be contacted for their support. We’ll be back in touch with their names and contact information soon.
  • Please be aware that the legislation has been amended to address concerns that arose last year about dogs on swimming beaches. The legislation now specifically restricts dogs from bathing beaches and sunbathing areas as well as playgrounds, sensitive wildlife areas and other locations typically set off limits to dogs.
  • Even with these restrictions, there are hundreds of acres of NYS parks on Long Island that are appropriate for people with dogs to enjoy!

Please email us at and let us know if you can help reach out to local business and animal welfare organizations for Letters of Support. Thank you for your help!

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