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Bark Silencer Found Facing Into George Street Dog Park in Babylon Village

In a continuing pattern of harassment, dog owners found a bark silencer nailed into trees facing the George Street Dog Park in Babylon Village on March 14th. The silencer emits a high-pitched, ultrasonic sound designed to stop dogs from barking. The installation of the device continues a pattern of harassment of dog owners, and now dogs, at the park, including threats and obscenities yelled at park goers. For details on this latest incident and what dog owners are doing to save the George Street Dog Park, go to Bark Silencer Found Facing into Dog Park in Babylon Village.


Sign the Petition to Save the George Street Dog Park!

Babylon dog owners are urged to help save the beloved George Street Dog Park. The Village Board voted to close the dog park this spring after receiving complaints about noise, but without any formal consultation with the park’s users. Dog owners are urging people to sign their petition, attend upcoming Village Board Meetings, and call or email the Mayor and Village Board urging them to come to a solution that works for everybody. For links and additional information, go to Sign the Petition to Save the George Street Dog Park!


LI-DOG President Steps Down from Coindre Hall Advisory Board

The results of recent elections provide the new legislator for Suffolk County’s 18th District with the opportunity to appoint her own representative to the Board, LI-DOG President Ginny Munger Kahn said in stepping down from the Board. Moreover, it is clear that people who live around the park are looking for Board members who are closely tied to the neighborhood. In stepping down, Ginny said she was confident dog owners at Coindre Hall will find another good representative for the Board.  For more information, go to LI-DOG Prez Steps Down from Coindre Hall Advisory Board.

No Dogs Allowed Sign

Photo Credit: Joann Garguola

LI-DOG Beach Petition Reaches 6,000 Signatures!

Major milestone reached as New Yorker’s ask for change in longstanding policy that bans dogs on New York State’s Long Island beaches. As one former NYS Parks employee commented, “I know that a large majority of dog owners are responsible and should have access to our beautiful beaches on Long Island!” LI-DOG is optimistic the petition will result in a positive step forward by the NYS Office of Parks soon! For more information, go to LI-DOG Beach Petition Reaches 6,000 Signatures!


No Dogs Allowed Sign

Over 2,500 People Sign LI-DOG’s Petition to Lift the Dog Ban on NY’s Long Island Beaches!

Just a few weeks after launch, LI-DOG’s petition to lift the ban on dogs on New York State’s Long Island beaches has already generated more than 2,500 signatures. The petition got more than 1,000 signatures over its first weekend and then doubled that to over 2,000 signatures within 10 days of its Jan. 29th launch! The petition is the result of years of complaints from Long Island dog owners about a lack of access to Long Island’s primary recreational resource. To see the press release announcing the petition’s momentum, go to Over 2,500 People Sign LI-DOG Petition!


Photo Credit: Newsday, Steve Pfost

Newsday Profile on LI-DOG President Ginny Munger Kahn Highlights Group’s Strategy and Success

Newsday’s profile on LI-DOG’s President, written by Arlene Gross and published Jan. 28th, puts the spotlight on LI-DOG’s success in working with elected officials to create dog parks in West Hills, Blydenburgh, Eisenhower and Oyster Bay parks as well as on-leash dog walking in Huntington’s Heckscher Park and select Nassau County parks. The extensive profile also includes comments from New York State Assemblyman Steve Stern and Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino describing their work to create dog parks and dog-friendly trails in parks.  For a link to the full Newsday story, go to  Dogs Best Friend: Dix Hills Resident Works for Access at Long Island Parks.


No Dogs Allowed SignLift the Dog Ban on New York’s Long Island Beaches! LI-DOG Launches Petition to Let People Bring Their Dogs to the Beach

Long Island is surrounded by hundreds of miles of beaches, but the New York State Office of Parks, which manages 14,000 acres of Long Island parks that have shoreline access, prohibits ALL access to NYS beaches on Long Island to people with dogs! Denying access to so much recreational space to dog owners who pay taxes that support this public parkland is not right. People with dogs have the right to enjoy public parks and beaches just like anyone else. Sign LI-DOG’s Petition to Lift the Dog Ban on New York’s LI beaches NOW! For details on the petition and LI-DOG’s efforts to gain access to beaches on LI, go to Lift the Dog Ban on NY’s LI Beaches!


LI-DOG President’s 2020 Report: Access to Public Parks and Beaches is a Basic Right and Need–Whether You Have a Dog or Not

The year 2020 has been a terrible year for many people, but there were positives as well, especially for dogs. More dogs found new homes, dog owners spent more time with their dogs, and dogs–and their people–got out more. 2020 also saw the realization of one of LI-DOG’s long-time goals–access to Huntington’s pretty Heckscher Park. This pandemic year when people sought refuge in outdoor parks drove home the lesson that access to public parks and beaches is a basic right and need. To read a slightly edited version of the president’s assessment of 2020, go to the LI-DOG President’s 2020 Report. 


Huntington Town Board Votes to Make Heckscher Park Permanently Dog-Friendly!

The Huntington Town Board voted unanimously on Nov. 19th to permanently allow on-leash dog walking in Huntington’s Heckscher Park. The vote came on a resolution sponsored by Councilwoman Joan Cergol who led the effort to allow on-leash dog walking in Huntington’s signature community park. It followed an almost year-long, successful pilot program in which on-leash dog walking gained broad support in the community. For more information on how it happened, go to Huntington Town Board Votes to Make Heckscher Park Permanently Dog Friendly! 


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Volunteer LI-DOG Website Assistants Wanted!

Would you like to help keep LI-DOG’s website as the go-to site for Long Island dog owners looking for fun places to go with their dogs? If yes, get the details at Volunteer LI-DOG Website Assistants Wanted


picture of sick dog
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The CDC and the American Veterinary Medical Association have published information concerning the effect of covid-19 on pets. Click on the links below to view these important documents.

AVMA on Covid 19 and Pets

SARS-CoV-2 in Animals

COVID-19 and Animals Frequently Asked Questions

Managing People With COVID-19 in Home Care Who Have Pets

If You Have COVID-19 and Animals


Oyster Bay Opens New Dog Park at Centre Island Beach in Bayville!

12 Small Parks Also Now Designated On-Leash Dog-Friendly

The Town of Oyster Bay made two big announcements in October that has tails wagging for resident dog owners: A pilot program for on-leash walking in 12 Town parklettes–small neighborhood parks–and the opening of the first dedicated dog park on the North Shore – at Centre Island Beach in Bayville! To get details, go to Oyster Bay Opens New Dog Park at Centre Island Beach! 


Huntington Town Board Approves Pilot Program to Allow Leashed Dogs in Heckscher Park!

A resolution introduced by Huntington Councilwoman Joan Cergol to create a pilot program to allow people to walk their leashed dogs in Huntington’s Heckscher Park passed the Town Board unanimously on Wed., Oct. 16th. The pilot program starts Jan. 1st and runs until March 31st when it is assumed it will roll over for another three months. The resolution was the result of an online petition that has gotten more than 2,500 signatures! For details on this groundbreaking development for dog owners, go to Heckscher Park Pilot Program Allows Leashed Dogs! 


Gardiner Dog Park Now Open! 

Suffolk County’s popular Gardiner Park in Bay Shore has a big new dog park. The dog park features large dog, small dog and an agility training area–a first for a Suffolk County park.  The dog park is the result of the efforts of New York State Sen. Phil Boyle and NYS Sen. Monica Martinez. To get the details including information on how to thank NYS Senators Boyle and Martinez, go to Gardiner Dog Park Now Open! 

Dog Friendly Northport VillageNewsday Article: Dog-friendly Long Island Destinations

Those in the know have long considered Northport, Greenport and Cherry Grove to be dog friendly towns.  Now, in a recent article, Newsday has officially recognized their status and describes places to eat, play and shop in each town.  Read the Newsday article.