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08/04/2017 – Huntington Hearing on Park Access Goes Well

Dix Hills Park

Dix Hills Park Trail
Photo Credit: Irene Rabinowitz

July 11th Public Hearing on Proposal to Open Virtually All Huntington Parks to On-Leash Dog-Walking Goes Well

Town Board Vote May Come Tues., Aug. 15th

Please Continue to Show Your Support!

The Public Hearing on Tues., July 11th on a proposal to amend Huntington Town Code to allow on-leash dog walking in virtually all Town parks went very well. There were eight speakers at the public hearing including LI-DOG President Ginny Munger Kahn and six of those speakers spoke in favor of the resolution. Dog owners also have sent emails to the Town Board in support of the resolution. Thank you to everyone who attended the public hearing, spoke in favor of the proposal, and has sent emails on this change in the Town Code that will benefit so many people and dogs! (Read all about the Town’s proposal at Huntington Proposes Opening Almost All Town Parks to On-Leash Dogs.)

In LI-DOG’s statement, we noted the proposed change will allow more people to enjoy the Town’s public parks. Not only is this an important quality of life issue, but increasing park use makes our parks safer. Providing more access to parks also incents more people to get out and walk their dogs, which is good not only for dogs’ health, but for people’s health, too. “Walking your dog in a beautiful park is one of life’s great pleasures,” said Ginny. “We are grateful to the Huntington Town Board and the Huntington Greenway Trails Committee (on which LI-DOG serves) for recommending this change that will benefit so many Huntington residents.” (To read LI-DOG’s statement, go to Support Local Law Adopting Uniform Park Standards for Leashed Dogs in Huntington Town Parks.)

Among other speakers in support of the change was Mike Kaplow, president of the Siberian Husky Club of Greater New York. Mike, who was accompanied at the meeting by his service dog Lola, urged the Town Board to pass this “canine-loving legacy legislation.” He noted that in his experience he has found the vast majority of both dogs and their human companions are well behaved and responsible and he invited any naysayers to join him and Lola for a walk in the park including an LI-DOG Pack Walk. “You will see some of the best behaved dogs and most responsible human companions on our Island,” he said. (To read Mike Kaplow’s statement, go to Huntington’s Expansion of Dog Walking Areas.)

The main exception to the proposed new policy is Heckscher Park in Huntington Village. Supporters of the Town Code change including LI-DOG urged the Town Board in the future to lift the restriction on leashed dogs in Heckscher Park. ”Access to Heckscher Park is the most common request we get from Huntington dog owners and we believe Heckscher would benefit greatly from the presence of leashed dogs in terms of deterring the geese that foul the lawns and paths there, “said Ginny. “We are hopeful that once this new policy is in place and has proved successful, we can revisit this issue with the Town.”

In an interview with The Long Islander, Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone said the Town would be monitoring the parks closely to make sure people are cleaning up after their dogs and keeping their dogs on-leash. If the policy change is successful, he said, town officials will consider expanding the policy to more areas in the future. (Read The Long Islander article Canine-Loving Change Mulled by Board.)

Newsday has also covered the story including LI-DOG’s support for the proposed change. Read the Newsday story Have a Dog and a Leash? Huntington May Open More Parks for Use.

LI-DOG is excited about the proposed change in the Town Code. Not only does the proposed change benefit many dog owners and their dogs, but it sets a great precedent for other Towns on Long Island that still ban dog owners and their dogs from public parks.

If you haven’t already done so, and you’re a Huntington resident, please email or call Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone—the sponsor of this resolution—and Huntington Town Board members to thank them and let them know what this means to you and your dog! Don’t forget to cc: so we can see your emails, too.

Supervisor Frank Petrone, email or call 631-351-3030

Councilman Mark Cuthbertson, email or call 631-351-3172

Councilwoman Susan Berland, email or call 631-351-3173

Councilman Eugene Cook, email or call 631-351-3174

Councilwoman Tracey Edwards, email or call 631-351-3175

Make sure to send a copy of your email to Huntington Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia at, so that your message is entered into the public record in support of the resolution.

As soon as we find out when the Town Board will vote on this important resolution we will let everyone know.

Thank you for your support!



07/05/2017 – Huntington Proposes Opening Almost All Town Parks to On-Leash Dogs

Huntington Proposes Opening Almost All Town Parks to On-Leash Dog Walking!

Public Hearing Set for Tues., July 11th at 2 p.m. at Town Hall

Please Come Show Your Support!

Dix Hills Park

Dix Hills Park Trail in Huntington Photo Credit: Irene Rabinowitz

The Huntington Town Board will hold a public hearing on Tues., July 11th at 2 p.m. at Town Hall on a resolution to amend Town Code to allow on-leash dog walking in virtually all Town parks. Huntington owns parks covering several hundred acres of public land ranging from the historic Village Green in Huntington Village to newly opened Sweet Hollow Park in Melville. (For a complete list of parks in the Town of Huntington, get the Huntington Trails Guide.)

Specifically, the resolution amends Town Code by eliminating wording that prohibits dogs in most town parks and instead adopts uniform park standards with the following words: The Town Board has approved on-leash walking of dogs in town parks and trails. The resolution also requires that dogs be on leashes no longer than 6-feet in length and that dog waste be immediately picked up and disposed of properly.

The main exception to the proposed new policy is Heckscher Park in Huntington Village. LI-DOG has strongly recommended that on-leash dogs be permitted in Heckscher Park. Access to Heckscher Park is the most common request we hear from Huntington dogs owners and allowing on-leash dogs in the park would deter the geese who foul the lawns and paths in that park. However, Town officials have expressed concerns about potential conflicts at the park, especially during the day when the park is busy. LI-DOG is optimistic that once the new policy has been put in place and been successful, we can ask the Town to revisit this restriction.

LI-DOG is excited about the proposed change in the Town Code and supports the Town Board resolution. Opening virtually all the Town’s parks to on-leash dog walking will benefit tens of thousands of town residents and their dogs! Moreover, the change in policy will serve as a positive example to other Towns on Long Island that still ban dogs from public parks.

In introducing the resolution, the Town Board notes that adopting uniform standards for leashed dogs in town parks supports Huntington’s goal to be more dog-friendly “by allowing more Huntington residents to enjoy public parks with their canine companions.” The Town also notes that allowing more people with dogs into public parks promotes public safety by having more “eyes” on the parks.

The proposed Town Code change is the result of recommendations made by the Huntington Greenway Trails Committee on which LI-DOG serves. Currently, trails on which leashed dogs are allowed are recommended by the Committee on an individual park or trail basis. The process is the result of an initiative approved by the Town in June 2013. (To read about the initiative, go to Town Board Approves On-Leash Dog Walking in Designated Huntington Parks.)

In making its recommendation, the Trails Committee noted that 2013 initiative has worked well and that there have been no issues to date with on-leash dogs on trails in public parks. In lieu of individual site designations, the Committee noted that the adoption of uniform park standards will make it easier for people to understand the policy towards dogs in town parks and will help increase park and trail use. In addition, the Committee noted, the Town owns almost a dozen parks in conjunction with Suffolk County and those partnerships are likely to continue to grow. County policy, which takes precedence in these parks, allows leashed dogs in its parks and adopting uniform standards will align Town policies with the County.

Besides the exception of Heckscher Park, the resolution also restricts on-leash and off-leash dogs from: Betty Allen Nature Preserve, all playgrounds, picnic areas, active recreation areas like sports fields, town camp programs and town beaches. Significantly, on-leash dogs are permitted on paved areas and boardwalks at town beaches.

Again, LI-DOG is optimistic that once uniform park standards are adopted and the program proves successful, we will be able to ask the town to revisit the restrictions on Heckscher Park as well as access to beaches.

LI-DOG is asking dog owners to join us in support of this resolution that significantly expands access to parks in the Town of Huntington!

Join LI-DOG at the Public Hearing at the Town Board Meeting on Tues., July 11th at 2 p.m. While we view this resolution as a great benefit to town residents, there are always a few critics who will oppose the resolution. Come to the Town Board meeting on July 11th and show your support for access to parks!

If you can’t come to the Public Hearing, email or call Huntington Town Board members and let them know you support Local Law Introductory Number 31-2017 that will allow on-leash dogs in Town parks. Don’t forget to cc: so we can see your emails, too!

  • Supervisor Frank Petrone, email or call 631-351-3030
  • Councilman Mark Cuthbertson, email or call 631-351-3172
  • Councilwoman Susan Berland, email or call 631-351-3173
  • Councilman Eugene Cook, email or call 631-351-3174
  • Councilwoman Tracey Edwards, email or call 631-351-3175
  • Make sure to send a copy of your email to Huntington Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia at, so that your message is entered into the public record in support of the resolution.

The more emails the Town Board gets supporting their resolution, the more likely it will pass!

This is a great step forward for Huntington dog owners! Thank you for your support!





11/29/2016 – West Hills Large Dog Park Closed Temporarily

West Hills Large Dog Park Closed Due to Illegal

Dumping Nearby

Small Dog Park on High Hold Drive Split to

Accommodate Large Dogs

The West Hills Dog Park for large dogs, which covers almost two acres on Sweet Hollow Rd., has been closed temporarily as a result of illegal dumping at the nearby Sweet Hills Stables. At this point, there is no evidence that contaminated material was illegally dumped in the dog park itself as the soil did not appear disturbed. Moreover, the Suffolk Dept. of Health Services announced on Nov. 3, 2016 that laboratory analyses “do not suggest excessive, widespread contamination…even though the levels may exceed those required for criminal prosecution.”  In fact, contaminant levels “do not represent an unusual exposure for an active recreational setting, like the riding center,” the Health Dept. concluded.

Nevertheless, the dog park was closed and will remain closed while the investigation into illegal dumping continues by the District Attorney’s office. “Due to the sheer scope of the situation and the fact that it is still a very active and ongoing investigation, [rectifying the situation] is likely to take longer than anyone would like,” Adina Beedenbender, Assistant to Suffolk Parks Commissioner Phil Berdolt, wrote in an email to LI-DOG on Oct. 21st.

In an effort to accommodate users of the large dog park, the Suffolk Parks Dept. on Tues., Oct. 25th installed temporary fencing in the West Hills small dog park on High Hold Drive, dividing it into two not quite equal halves. The small dog park covers approximately one-third of an acre.

West Hills Small Dog Park Split by Temporary Fencing

Photo Credit: Victoria Zappola

In emails to the Parks Dept. starting on Fri., Oct. 21st, LI-DOG urged the Parks Dept. to look at alternatives to splitting the High Hold Drive dog park in two. LI-DOG expressed concerns that the two halves would be too small for either big or small dogs and that the situation could lead to overcrowding and issues between dogs. “The main reason LI-DOG worked so hard in 2006 to get the large dog park on Sweet Hollow Rd. created was because of complaints about overcrowding and problems at the dog park on High Hold Dr.,” LI-DOG wrote in its email.  At one time the High Hold Drive dog park was the only dog park in Suffolk County.

Rather than create two very small off-leash areas, LI-DOG proposed that the Parks Dept. consider creating temporary off-leash areas in other open areas of West Hills Park. One possibility would be the back half of the parking lot on High Hold Drive. While the surface would need to be dealt with as it is currently gravel and dirt, the area is a decent size and could be easily fenced with temporary fencing. LI-DOG also proposed creating a temporary dog park on the large field south of the small dog park or even creating an off-leash hours program on that large field, in the mornings and evenings, for example, when people could let their dogs off-leash.

Unfortunately, Parks Commissioner Berdolt responded that at the time dividing the small dog park in two while “not ideal,” was the” only option,”  given there’s no money in the budget for anything other than everyday operations.  “Please remember this situation was not created by the county and we are doing our best to accommodate the public,” the Commissioner added.

We at LI-DOG are extremely disappointed and frustrated with the closure of the West Hills Large Dog Park on Sweet Hollow Rd. We worked hard with Suffolk County Leg. Lou D’Amaro to get this big, beautiful dog park created and for 10 years it has been an important part of the daily lives of many people and their dogs. We hope those responsible for the illegal dumping and the closure of the large dog park will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that when the large dog park at West Hills County Park reopens it will be better than ever.

In the meantime, we will monitor the situation and provide updates on new information as we receive it. We invite dog owners to reach out to us at with any ideas, questions, or information.

For conditions at the West Hills dog park, check out the West Hills Small Dog Park Facebook Group or the Facebook Group for the large dog park community at West Hills Dog Park.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


11/28/2016 – Suffolk Parks Commissioner Approved

New Suffolk Parks Commissioner Approved in Oct. 2016

New Commish Supports Continued On-Leash Access to County Parks

Suffolk Parks Banner Image

Suffolk County got a new Parks Commissioner on Oct. 5, 2016, when the Suffolk County Legislature approved the appointment of Philip Berdolt to head the Parks Department. Berdolt was previously Deputy Public Works Commissioner when he was appointed to the Parks position by County Executive Steve Bellone. The Suffolk Parks Dept. oversees the management of 46,000 acres of public parkland including six large dog parks and off-leash areas and miles of dog-friendly on-leash walking trails.

In response to questions submitted by LI-DOG to the Suffolk County Legislature’s Parks Committee, Berdolt said that as a dog owner he “fully appreciates that almost all Suffolk County parks are available to on-leash dogs” adding in a written statement, “it is important for parks to be accessible not only to all our residents, but to our four-legged ones as well.” The new Parks Commissioner also expressed support for the county’s off-leash areas, saying he understands how valuable the county’s dog parks are to its residents. He noted he sees the Cherry Ave. dog park every day since it’s so close to the Parks Administration headquarters in W. Sayville. Leg. Bill Lindsay III, chair of the Parks Committee, echoed that support, saying that the Cherry Ave. Dog Park is “a real asset to the community.” Leg. Lindsay’s father, past-Leg. William J. Lindsay, sponsored the resolution that secured the funding to create the Cherry Ave. Dog Park in Aug. 2011. (To see a picture of the dog park ribbon cutting with then-Leg. William Lindsay and read all about how the dog park came about, go to Cherry Avenue Dog Park Now Open!)

Commissioner Berdolt also addressed the temporary closing of the large dog park on Sweet Hollow Road in West Hills County Park, because of alleged illegal dumping near the stables. In his statement, Berdolt said the dog park would have to remain closed while the situation was under investigation by the District Attorney’s Office. In the meantime, he said, provisions would be made for large dogs at the small dog park on High Hold Drive in West Hills County Park. (To read more about the dog park situation in West Hills, go to West Hills Large Dog Park Closed Temporarily.)

At the conclusion of the Parks Committee meeting, both Commissioner Berdolt and Parks Committee Chair Lindsay offered to meet with LI-DOG to discuss the county’s ongoing support for dog parks and dog-friendly policies in general. LI-DOG will set up such a meeting in early 2017.

As always, if you get a chance to meet Leg. Lindsay or the Parks Commissioner, let them know how much you appreciate Suffolk County’s dog-friendly parks policies! You can email them anytime at and

Thanks for your support!


11/08/2016 – LI-DOG Thanks Nassau County Exec


LI-DOG Thanks County Executive Ed Mangano for

Opening First Nassau County Parks to Leashed Dogs


LI-DOG Certificate of Thanks Presented to Nassau County Exec Ed Mangano at Barkfest 2016

LI-DOG Certificate of Thanks Presented to Nassau County Exec Ed Mangano at Barkfest 2016

On Sat., Oct. 29th at Barkfest 2016, LI-DOG presented Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano with a Certificate of Thanks for opening Nassau County parks to leashed dogs for the first time. Until April of this year, almost all 6,000 acres of Nassau County parks were off-limits to dog owners and their dogs.The County Executive made a commitment to LI-DOG in Oct. 2013 to increase access to Nassau County parks and beaches and we want to thank the County Executive for making it happen! (Read the news story at Nassau County Opens Four New Trails to Leashed Dogs!)

The parks and/or trails where people can now walk their leashed dogs are: Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn, Silver Lake Park in Baldwin, Massapequa Preserve (the Fire Rd. Trail) in Massapequa, Mill Pond Park in Bellmore/Wantagh, and Park Blvd. East in Eisenhower Park, E. Meadow. To see the full list of dog-friendly parks plus maps, go to On-Leash Dog Walking Parks and Trails.

Please note: We are working with the Nassau Parks Dept. and the Office of the County Executive to get the No Dogs Allowed signs in several of these parks replaced. Please be assured that you can walk your dog on-leash on these trails in these parks despite the outdated signs.

Let the County Executive know how much you appreciate being able to walk your dog in Nassau County parks! Go to Nassau Now online or call  516-MANGANO. Sending emails and calling to show support will help us get MORE access to parks and beaches in the future.



10/02/2016 – Barkin’ Brunch with LI-DOG at The Refuge

Thanks for Joining Us for Our First Barkin’ Brunch

with LI-DOG at The Refuge!

Two Min Pins with Mimosa at brunch

Two Guests at Barkin’ Brunch with LI-DOG at The Refuge

Thanks to everyone and their pups for joining us for our first—and certainly not our last—Barkin’ Brunch with LI-DOG at The Refuge in Melville. Even though the weather was cool and cloudy, we had a great time!

Thank you, JoAnn Winkhart and Tony Greco of The Refuge, for supporting LI-DOG by contributing raffle prizes as well as welcoming us on the restaurant’s big outdoor patio with its brightly colored tables and umbrellas. The brunch and the drinks were terrific.

A big thank you to our colleagues Irene Rabinowitz, Donna Lowe and Joann Garguola for doing a great job organizing the event  and making sure everyone, including the dogs, had a good time despite the weather. Check out the photos on the LI-DOG Meetup and LI-DOG Facebook Groups.

And, a special word of thanks to LI-DOG member Daniella Scala of A Phone Call Away in Valley Stream.  A lot of dogs and people had new toys and yummy treats to take home from the brunch because of the awesome job Danielle did gathering raffle baskets for our guests!

Check out all the people and businesses who helped make our Barkin’ Brunch a success!

BMT Acupuncture, Baldwin Harbor
Genovese Pizzeria, North Valley Stream
JoAnn Winkhart, The Refuge, Melville
Just Clown Around Children’s Entertainment, Franklin Square
Karen Rossitti, Starbucks
Lillian Russo, Avon, Valley Stream
Lindsay Licata, Lindsay’s Pet Care Services, Massapequa
Little Enrico’s Pizzeria, Franklin Square
Maribeth Cinelli, Keep Collective, Franklin Square
Melissa Watson, Initials Inc., E. Rockaway
Michael Tubolino, Reliable Grooming, Howard Beach
Nicole Bite, Crafts of Dreamers, Franklin Square
Prince Umberto’s Pizza, Franklin Square
Sandy’s Party Supply, Franklin Square
Starving Artist Café and Gallery, Franklin Square
Thanks to everyone who came to the first Barkin’ Brunch with LI-DOG at The Refuge.  Next time, we hope the weather will be better!

07/19/2016 – LI-DOG Statement on Huntington Animals Code Revisions


Sign for Huntington Town HallLI-DOG Praises Huntington’s New Anti-Tethering

and Scoop-the-Poop Laws

Recommends Four Changes to Clarify Town Code and Improve

Public Safety

In public comments at a Huntington Town Board Meeting on Tues., July 12th, LI-DOG praised the Town for its effort to protect the welfare of animals by proposing new laws to regulate the tethering of dogs outside for long periods of time. The new law, part of an effort to revise and improve the Animals section of the Town Code, would limit the amount of time dogs can be tied up outside to 2 hours, requires that dogs be provided with food and shelter, and prohibits the use of devices and equipment that can cause pain and suffering in such situations. “As animal lovers, it’s hard to understand why any animal is ever subjected to abuse and we are grateful that Huntington has joined other jurisdictions, including Suffolk County, in seeking to limit this practice and make it more humane,” said LI-DOG President Ginny Munger Kahn

LI-DOG’s President also commended the Town for proposing a law that will allow officers to take immediate action to rescue dogs left unattended in hot cars.

The Town also is clarifying and strengthening its pooper-scooper law. LI-DOG said it welcomed efforts to require people to immediately pick up after their dogs and properly dispose of pet waste. LI-DOG strongly believes in protecting the environment and everyone’s enjoyment of public spaces by requiring people to scoop-the-poop.

While noting that the Town has done excellent work on the Code revision, LI-DOG recommended four modifications to the Code that it believes are important to clarify the law and protect public safety. Most importantly, LI-DOG proposed that the rule that people “curb” their dogs—that is, take them into the street to do their business—be modified. Requiring dog owners to put their dogs in the street and then follow them into the street to pick up is dangerous not only to dog owners and their dogs, but to drivers. Other jurisdictions have modified their rules regarding “nuisances” by getting people off roadways and out of harm’s way. LI-DOG recommended that Huntington do the same.

LI-DOG also recommended that the Town clarify the section that deals with “menacing” by dogs, saying it was concerned the section was open to misinterpretation; that the Town carve out an exception to the running-at-large prohibition for its off-leash area(s); and that the section dealing with choke collars be clarified to prohibit their use when a dog is tied to a stationary object.

LI-DOG thanked Huntington Councilman Mark Cuthbertson for asking for LI-DOG’s input on the legislation and commended the Town for taking these important steps to improve the welfare of animals. “We look forward to moving these important changes that will protect animals forward,” said Ginny.

To read the press release from the Town about the proposed changes, go to News Details – Town of Huntington Website.

To read LI-DOG’s comments on the Revisions to the Animals section of the Town Code, go to LI-DOG Statement Huntington Code Revisions and Recommendations


07/01/2016 – New Hempstead Dog Park at Newbridge Road Park

New State-of-The-Art Dog Park Coming to

Newbridge Road Park!

By Marie Amsterdam,

Hempstead Supervisor Anthony Santino

Hempstead Supervisor Anthony Santino Announces Newbridge Road Dog Park

The Town of Hempstead is getting its first dog park! On May 5th, 2016, Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony Santino announced that a new dog park is underway at the south end of Newbridge Road Park in Bellmore. The announcement follows a commitment made by candidate Santino in Oct. 2015 to LI-DOG in which he stated that he was a strong advocate for animals and would work to create a dog park for Hempstead residents and their dogs. (Read Santino’s Oct. 2015 statement.) The new dog park represents the first time dogs will be allowed in a Town of Hempstead park!

Amenities at this new 14,025-sq-ft park will be welcomed by both canines and their human companions. Dogs will enjoy a large, fenced-in area surfaced with paw-friendly synthetic turf and furnished with ramps, weave poles and hurdles. Their families will have picnic tables, benches, a shaded area and water fountains as well. To ensure a relaxed and safe experience for everyone, the park will be separated into large and small dog areas and surrounded by a secure, 6-ft. high chain link fence.

Construction is now underway and the dog park is expected to be up and running by late August 2016.

Watch the UTube video of Supervisor Santino announcing details of the Newbridge Road Dog Park!

Marie is LI-DOG’s Hempstead Campaign Organizer and the owner and operator of the Mariedogwalker brand, advocating for animals through information, education and daily care.

06/16/2016 – LI-DOG Pints-n-Paws Luau Gets Summer 2016 Off to Great Start!

Summer of 2016 Gets Off to a GREAT start at LI-DOG

Pints-n-Paws™ Luau!

By Sam Desmond, LI-DOG Contributing Writer


Chupa in a pink lei and shades

Chupa Feeling the Luau Vibe Photo Credit: Joann Garguola

The dog days of summer got off to a festive start at the LI-DOG Pints-n-Paws™ Luau at Off-Key Tikki  on Sunday, June 12th. LI-DOG welcomed more than 90 people and their pups on Off-Key Tikki’s spacious courtyard and marina-side sand beach for an afternoon of cold drinks, barbecue fare, music, contests, raffles, and a beautiful bay breeze off the water in Patchogue.

Photo of Man and Dog on Chair

Saylor Preps for Lap Dog Contest
Photo Credit: Joann Garguola


Our contests–Doggie Style Musical Chairs, Doggie and Me Margaritaville Costume Contest, Biggest Lap Dog, and Silliest Dog Trick–had some fierce competition as fur babies of all sizes—from tea cup to terrier to tremendous—participated. Thanks to our outstanding team of judges: Gerrie Cannastra, Sean Desmond, Rob Giglio of K9 Kingdom Dog Training and Heidi Walker of Yorkie911 Rescue.





Logo Collage for Pints-n-Paws Luau SponsorsWith over a dozen graciously-donated baskets raffled off and plenty of door prizes, lots of pooches had some extra toys to take home after spending a sunny day with their human and dog friends. Great thanks and much appreciation to all our raffle basket sponsors: Alliegene Personalized Designs, Dazzling Paws Jewelry, Henry Schein, K-9 Kingdom Dog Training, Laura Pea Photography, Pamper Ur Poochie Parlor, PetArmor, Sergeant’s, and ThunderShirt plus Cloud Star Treats, Earth Rated Poop Bags, Fluff & Tuff Plush Dog Toys, Jones Natural Chews, Petrageous Designs, Stella & Chewy’s, Viewpoint Photography and Wheatley Hills Discount Wine.

Plua, a special thanks to our generous host, Off Key Tikki Waterside Bar and Grill, for providing the BBQ and making the event as bright as the weather!

A BIG thank you! to our wonderful MC and Announcer Mike Kaplow who kept our guests entertained and the canine-appropriate music coming even when the band took a break.

Photo of Joann's Pineapple Pine Tree

Pineapple Palm Trees

Thanks to our photographers, Laura Paesano of Laura Pea Photography and our colleague Joann Garguolo, for their great shots of dogs and people. Check out their photos and lots of others on the LI-DOG Meetup Group and the LI-DOG Facebook Group. Thanks also to Joann for making the amazing pineapple palm tree display!

Girl Holding Her Corgi in Arms

Photo Credit: Laura Pea Photography

Our Luau would not have been as successful and fun without LI-DOG’s amazing event organizer Irene Rabinowitz, a crew of great volunteers including  Lynn Kay Kosefsky, Donna Lowe, Susan Mahlstedt, Debbie and Joanna Mudaro, Barbara Striegel, and Suely Vera plus the invaluable help of LI-DOG Board members Barbara Buscareno, Liz Haban, Peggy Heijmen and Chris Laubis.

Thanks to everyone who came and contributed to making this a great event!

02/24/2016 – North Hempstead Approves First Three Dog-Friendly Town Parks

North Hempstead Approves First Three Dog-Friendly Town Parks

 95% of Survey Respondents Want to See On-Leash Program Expanded

Mary Jane Davies Park

Mary Jane Davies Park

Dog owners got approval to walk their leashed dogs in three North Hempstead parks after the Town Board, led by Supervisor Judi Bosworth, unanimously approved making a pilot program begun in July 2015 permanent. The three parks where people can now walk their dogs on-leash are Michael J. Tully Park in New Hyde Park, Mary Jane Davies Green in Manhasset, and the trail at North Hempstead Beach Park in Roslyn (See park names below for Google maps to their location.) The decision came on Tues., Feb. 23rd after a public hearing in which Parks Commissioner Jill Weber presented results from the    Town’s survey on the pilot program and the Parks Dept’s own assessment of the success of the program. “The majority of comments received were very enthusiastic,” said Supervisor Bosworth, and the majority of people who spoke at the public hearing, including LI-DOG and its supporters, were in favor of the resolution.

Among the key findings of the survey, which got about 150 responses, were that 94% of the responders had had no difficulties with the on-leash program. Seventy-four percent of respondents were familiar with the program and 60% had brought their leashed dogs to one of the town’s parks, according to Weber. Moreover, 95.5% of those surveyed said they would like to see the program expanded to more town parks. Weber noted that the Parks Dept. saw no increase in dog waste in any of its parks during the pilot program and that everyone she observed at Michael J. Tully Park, where the Parks Dept. has its headquarters, had been on-leash. She noted that many people had commented they felt safer walking in parks with their dogs, that the presence of dogs will deter geese and their droppings, and that many people want to be able to exercise more with their dogs.

LI-DOG Vice President Peggy Heijmen applauded the town’s historic decision and agreed with those comments. Designating trails for dog owners in town parks will incent more people to get out and walk with their dogs, an activity public officials should encourage at every turn, she said. Until the launch of the pilot program, North Hempstead, like almost all other towns on Long Island, banned dogs in town parks. “As dog owners and dog lovers, we applaud the Supervisor, Parks Commissioner and Town Board for undertaking this refreshing initiative, which will enrich the lives of your residents and their dogs for years to come,” said Heijmen.

The Town has indicated it will consider expanding the program to other parks in the future. “People love this program,” said Supervisor Bosworth.

LI-DOG reminds its supporters to keep dogs on-leash in these new dog-friendly parks and to continue to spread the word about the importance of cleaning up after your dogs—always.

The three dog-friendly parks in North Hempstead are:

  • North Hempstead Beach Park in Roslyn (Google Map)
  • Mary Jane Davies Park in Manhasset (Google Map)
  • Michael J. Tully Park in New Hyde Park (Google Map)

Thanks for your support!