.11/16/2017 – LI-DOG Nov. Meeting Deborah Hamilton Play Nicely Dog Park Teaser


LI-DOG Nov. 2017 Meeting
Play Nicely In The Dog Park Presentation
Thurs., Nov. 16th,  7:00-9:00pm
Plainview-Old Bethpage  Library, Plainview, NY

Have you ever been involved in or witnessed a touchy situation at the dog park or in your neighborhood involving your dog or other people’s dogs? These situations can often lead to disagreements. Learn how to prevent and defuse touchy pet-related situations when Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton, a Pet Care Planning Advocate and Conflict Mediator, joins LI-DOG for our November 16th meeting! For details, go to LI-DOG Nov. Meeting Deborah Hamilton Presentation Play Nicely in the Dog Park.