08/19/2017 – LI-DOG Pack Walk at Massapequa Preserve

Massapequa Preserve Fire Rd. Trail

Photo Credit: Joann Garguola

LI-DOG Pack WalkTM at Massapequa Preserve

Sat., Aug. 19th, 10AM

Massapequa Preserve, 85 Walker St. Entrance

Massapequa, NY 11762 (Google Map)

Would you like to take your dog for a nice, easy walk through the woods on a summer morning? Want to meet other dog owners and their dogs, too? Then, join us for our LI-DOG Pack WalkTM at Massapequa Preserve on Sat., Aug. 19th at 10 o’clock n the morning! LI-DOG Pack Walks are guided group on-leash dog walks in beautiful parks around Long Island.

On our Aug. 19th LI-DOG Pack Walk™, we’ll be walking the Fire Road Trail, a wide, flat dirt trail within Massapequa Preserve. The trail is about a mile and a half long and ends at a clearing with a shallow pond where we’ll stop for water and photos. Some dog owners bring their dogs to swim in the pond. Once we’ve rested, we’ll head back up the trail to where we started.

Please note: while there may be occasional off-leash dogs on the trail, dogs must be kept on leash on the LI-DOG Pack WalkTM. Please don’t forget to bring poop bags as pick up is a must and while the trail is well-shaded by trees, don’t forget to bring water for you and your pup. Please NO retractable leashes as we are walking in a group and dogs can get tangled,

The Fire Road Trail within Massapequa Preserve opened to on-leash dogs in early 2015 in response to LI-DOG’s campaign to get more access to Nassau County parks. Please help us protect access to the preserve by keeping dogs on-leash and off the bike path.

Meet us on the dirt path near the north end of the parking lot for Mansfield Park at the 85 Walker St. Entrance. Watch out for bikes as you cross the asphalt bike path to the dirt path!


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We look forward to seeing you and your dogs at the LI-DOG Pack WalkTM at Massapequa Preserve!