.08/21/2021 – LI-DOG Pack Walk Massapequa Preserve 2021

LI-DOG Pack Walk™ at Massapequa Preserve!

Sat., Aug. 21st, 11 AM – 1 PM[lo]1 Walker St.[lo] Massapequa Park, NY[lc] 

Does your pup like to walk in a group with dog-friends? Does he or she like to play in the water? If yes to either, then please join us for our LI-DOG Pack Walk at Massapequa Preserve on Sat., Aug. 21st! For our group, on-leash walk, we’ll be following the Fire Road Trail, a flat, wide, mostly shaded dirt trail within the Preserve, before taking a short detour to the creek where the dogs can play.  For details, go to LI-DOG Pack Walk at Massapequa Preserve!