.07/24/2018 – Dog Exclusion Zone at Mud Creek Unworkable


Line of Fencing at Mud CreekDog Exclusion Zone Created at Mud Creek Off-Leash Beach! 


LI-DOG Calls for Restoration of Off-Leash Beach, Saying Zone is Unsafe, Unworkable and Unfair

On May 1, 2018, a long line of fencing was installed at Mud Creek Park to create a dog exclusion zone on Suffolk County’s ONLY official off-leash beach. The fencing cost $13,000 and cuts off half the shorefront to dog owners and their dogs. LI-DOG has called on the Suffolk County Legislator responsible for creating the dog exclusion zone to restore the off-leash beach. The zone is unsafe, unworkable and unfair, LI-DOG argues. To get details on the situation and what you can do to help restore the beach, go to Dog Exclusion Zone at Mud Creek.