05/22/2021 – LI-DOG Pack Walk Southards Pond Park


Photo Credit: Joann Garguola

LI-DOG Pack Walk™ at Southards Pond Park!

Sat., May 22nd, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Southards Pond Park, Babylon, NY

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We are happy to begin our 2021 LI-DOG Pack Walks™ at Southards Pond Park in Babylon! The park covers multiple acres of forested beauty, it’s full of friendly people and their four-legged companions, and the trails are flat and easy.

Due to the overwhelming response to our Pack Walk and NYS guidelines that allow large outdoor gatherings of up to 200 people, we have raised the attendance limit for this Pack Walk to 50 people  Because of ongoing concerns about COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED when we cannot maintain a 6′ distance and attendees must sign an agreement confirming neither they nor anyone in their family has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or experienced symptoms in the past 30 days. The COVID-19 Agreement and LI-DOG’s General Sign In Sheet and Liability Waiver can be downloaded and filled out in advance. Just bring it with you to the Meetup! Please Note: As of May 19th, CDC and NYS guidelines now allow fully vaccinated individuals to forgo wearing masks and social distancing. 

Get the LI-DOG Covid-19 Agreement NOW

Get the LI-DOG Pack Walk Sign In Sheet and Liability Waiver NOW

For our May 2021 LI-DOG Pack Walk™ —a guided group on-leash dog walk– we’ll be walking most of the Southards Pond Loop Trail—a broad, flat trail that can accommodate a group walk– and that has nice views of Southards Pond.

This Pack Walk will take one to one-and-a-half hours. For those wishing to extend the walk, we will include an additional half-mile roundtrip walk up to the stables north of Sunrise Hwy. (Please note: This is a change of plan.) Please free to linger after the Pack Walk as there are plenty of nice places to hang out with your dog and other people from the walk.

Please be aware that dogs are not allowed in the picnic nor playground areas of the park. The park is surrounded by neighborhoods, so be considerate of the local residents by minimizing the noise level and keeping the area clean.

There are no trash receptacles along the walk, but there are one or two on the bridge by the pond.

Dogs must be kept on leash at all times while on the Pack Walk. Also, please no retractable leashes as we’ll be walking in a group and people and dogs can easily get tangled.

We will be meeting at the southern end of the park near Park Avenue and Babylon Memorial Grade School, where you can park for free. There is a bridge that connects the school parking lot with the park. We will be on the park side of the bridge.

Given the expected number of attendees, we will be breaking up into 2 groups–the first will start at 10:30, the second group will start at 10:45. Please keep your RSVP updated so that if you can no longer attend, your slot can be opened for someone else and their dog.

WEATHER RELATED CHANGES: Please check our Meetup or Facebook Group or our website on Sat. morning around 9 a.m. for any weather-related notices. If there is no notice, the Pack Walk is on!

To RSVP (All RSVPs must be done on the LI-DOG Meetup Group.)

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We look forward to seeing you and your dogs on May 22nd for LI-DOG’s first Pack Walk™ of the 2021 season at Southards Pond Park!